The original taste from nature

All products of Hamitomi are made with organic ingredients.
All jang(fermented sauce) is fermented in the nature of clean Hongcheon. 

Organic ingredients

Doenjang is made with organic soybean.

Doenjang fermented for 5 years

The period of fermentation is essential for taste and nutrition of doenjang.

Organic ingredients

Gochujang is made only with organic ingredients without chemical additives.

Malt gochujang fermented for 3 years

Fermented gochujang’s special savor

Three principles of Hamitomi

Hamitomi has absolute principles to make healthy jang. These principles are necessary for the healthy of consumers and the taste of traditional jang.

Five types of healthiness from Hamitomi jang

Fermented jang makes our body healthy. According to research, it has various effects such as anti-cancer effect, diet and fatigue recovery.

Hamitomi, the taste from the sky, the taste from the earth

Soy, salt and water
These three ingredients are all we need to make traditional jang. We don’t need anything else.
We make jang from directly selected good ingredients,
And use the original method of traditional fermentation from hay bacillus and Aspergillus oryzae.
We never add other artificial ingredients.

Safe and tasty jang to feed my children and family! This is the jang Hamitomi pursues.

Healthy taste from nature

  • Made with domestic organic soybeans

  • Domestic sun-dried salt with bittern removed for five years

  • Clean water of Hongcheon

  • Fermented for five years with four season nature

You can purchase Hamitomi traditional jang online.

You can visit us and taste our products. If you are too busy to visit us, please use online with the same prices.


Premium doenjang with five years of fermentation

  • Domestic organic soy beans

  • Fermentation for five years at clean Hongcheon

  • No preservative, No flavour enhancers(artificial flavor)

Doenjang with five years of fermentation
Naturally fermented doenjang reduces visceral fat, so it is ideal for diet. According to research results, it is effective in diabetes, height growth and blood pressure. You can enjoy the taste of nature at your table.

Malt gochujang with three years of fermentation

  • Savory taste through fermentation instead of sweet

  • Effective in stomach disorders, diabetes and reduction of cholesterol and neutral fat

  • No preservative, No flavour enhancers(artificial flavor)

Made with organic chilli powder and sweet rice
According to research results, gochujang with over three years of fermentation is good for stomach disorder, anti-cancer, diabetes and diet.
Hamitomi Malt Gochujang is fermented for three years.

Premium soy sauce with five years of fermentation

  • It is savory, sweet and fragrant from five years of fermentation.

  • Antithrombotic, anti-cholesterol, anti-cancer

  • Made only with organic soy beans, salt with bittern reduced for five years, and clean water

Soy sauce(thick soy) with five years of fermentation
According to a study by Professor Halliwell of Singapore University, fermented soy sauce is good for blood flow, blood pressure, anti-cancer and decrease of cholesterol.
Hamitomi Soy Sauce is thick soy with five years of fermentation and has savor, sweetness and scent by microorganism fermentation of proteins, fat and carbohydrate the soy beans.


Hamitomi’s certifications and awards

Those who tasted Hamitomi products meticulously made from nature keep buying them. That’s how we were awarded prime minister citation.

Hamitomi Traditional Jang Experience Center

Visit and taste our jang.

Hamitomi Traditional Jang Experience Center offers sample tasting and gangdoenjang making experience.
You can taste coffee made from high quality coffee beans ground daily.

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